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Strapping And Lashing


Buckles are available for all strapping requirements.

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Strapping Tools

All strapping tools are sold by us for Nylon, Plastic and steel strapping.

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Cardboard & Plastic Edging

Various cardboard and plastic edging can be bought from us.
For protection against strapping or full pallet cardboard edging.

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Lashing Chains

Lashing chains are offered in 10mm & 13 mm combinations including ratchet binders for heavy duty lashing & strapping.

10mm – Break strength ( 8 tons ) 10 meter

13mm – Break strength (11 tons ) 10 meter

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Plastic, Poly Woven Nylon

We currently supply strapping in plastic, poly woven nylon and steel rolls including all buckles and strapping tools. All our poly woven Nylon strapping can be branded with our clients unique brand or contact number.

Available in 19mm, 32mm and various custom sizes.

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Ratchet Straps

Various ratchet straps are stocked by us for light to heavy duty applications. Often used in strapping of vehicles & heavy duty cargo for transport.

Standard size – 3 ton break strength, 9 meter nylon ratchet and tail.

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