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Timber Sales

We supply Pine and Saligna timber wholesale and can cut and plane to your requirements utilising our state-of-the-art moulding machines.


Wooden Crates

Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd supplies custom built wooden crates and boxes to your required dimensions.


Wooden Pallets

Pine and Saligna Standard, custom and used pallets can be supplied in any quantity delivered.


Wooden Decks

Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd manufacture and supply any quantity of solid or slatted wooden decks for your racking & shelving needs.


Packaging Material

A wide variety of packaging, preservation and Lashing materials can be supplied for all your DIY packing needs.


Labels & Tremcards

Whether General cargo or dangerous goods documents and labels, Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd can supply all your necessary requirements.

About Us


Established in 2006, Hexagon packaging (Pty) Ltd celebrates over a decade of packaging excellence and has become a leading service provider to all freight agents, manufacturers and end users wanting to pack their goods for local and international transport.


Our unique approach to service as a culture allows us to always ensure every client has a positive experience when dealing with us. Employing a staff compliment of over 70 employees, 20 plus vehicles, and 40000 square meters at our manufacturing facility based in Kempton Park we are able to offer a wide range of services not only at our facility but also onsite at the client’s premises. We are committed to sourcing only the best renewable resources available on the market, catering to our client basis not only as a manufacturer but also as a wholesaler and retailer of all packaging products. Our team of controllers are always available to give expert advice on all packing requirements, including dangerous goods, general cargo, container packing, wooden crating, pallets and supply of packaging materials for all your packaging needs.

Hexagon packaging boasts an excellent track record in both small to large packing projects by offering a turnkey solution to our clients enabling them to have peace of mind that they have chosen the correct packing partner for all future projects.


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Onsite Crating & Packaging

We can assist with all your crating and packing requirements from the comfort of your own premises or a premises of your choice. Contact us to assist with end-to-end solutions.


In-House Crating
& Packing

Clients can drop off their cargo and possessions at our state-of-the-art facilities. We can pack and crate without the additional expense of onsite packing.


Onsite Forklift Delivery
& Transport

Clients often require the usage of a Heavy duty or all terrain forklift on their site. Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd can supply and deliver a variety of forklifts with a competent operator for the duration you require.


Cargo Preservation & Corrosion

Sealed foil bags, Heats shrinking UV & VCI as well as desiccant control are all specialties of Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd to ensure your cargo arrives corrosion free.


Container Packing, Lashing & Fumigation

Sea-freight exports are our speciality from assisting with the packing of your cargo to securing it and making sure it is fumigated for export and complies with ISPM 15 requirements.


Dangerous Goods Packaging

Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd is a recognised and certified hazardous goods packing company for Sea, air and road shipments. We can assist in packing, labelling and ensuring compliance on the highest level using the most advanced systems to ensure accuracy.


Collections &

With a growing fleet we can assist with all of your local collections and deliveries to ensure and end to end service can be offered at all times including onsite forklift capabilities.


Warehousing & Consolidation of Cargo

Our warehouse facilities include open storage, closed and racked storage, Bond storage as well as hazardous in transit storage. With a facility boasting 40 000 Square meters, we can cater for all of your storage requirements.


Lifting &

Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd offers onsite forklift facilities and works in conjunction with multiple expert rigging companies to ensure your requirements and risk throughout the process of moving, lifting and rigging your product is taken care of.


TLB, Heavy Machinery & Vehicle Collections or Delivery

Hexagon Packaging (Pty) Ltd invested in a 14 Ton state of the art rollback that can interchange to handle 20-foot containers, heavy machinery, equipment, Construction machinery, Aviation or military vehicles with a gross max weight of 14 tons and a maximum length of 9 meters.

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