On demand construction and delivery

Wooden Pallets

Hexagon Packaging offers a wide range of pallets for all industries to meet various applications.

Boasting a manufacturing facility that can comfortably manufacture 1500 pallets a day, we are able to cater for small, medium and large enterprise needs. Export treatment, painting and stencilling can all be done onsite for clients that would like to individualise their products and branding.

Two Way Entry

Accessible from two sides of the pallet by a forklift or pallet trolley.


Used for stacking purposes or to strengthen the single deck pallet configuration.

Four Way Entry

Accessible from all four sides by a forklift and pallet trolley.

Single Deck

Used for light to medium products or to lift products off the floor.

Fully Reversible

These pallets can be used on either side and works well in manufacturing environments.

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